Why Experience Matters in BioSim

In the BioSimulation lab, anatomical knowledge, engineering experience, and simulation lab experience are more than just buzzwords; they’re critical factors. We believe that the right experience is the cornerstone of a successful BioSim lab, because it’s not just about what we do; it’s about how we do it. The ability to blend engineering and anatomical knowledge is key.
Whether your team reaches out during conceptualization, design and development, transfer readiness to manufacturing, or even at full scale manufacturing, we have the expertise necessary to support you throughout any and every stage of your product’s lifecycle with transparency and excellence.

Technical, practical, real-world experience matters when it comes to BioSimulation, prototyping, and manufacturing. Here’s why.

Quality Assurance + Compliance

Experience plays a pivotal role in ensuring that medical devices meet the highest standards of quality and comply with strict regulatory requirements. Resolution Medical is made up of a team with deep anatomical knowledge and real-world experience that we dedicate wholeheartedly to our clients’ success. Our growth over the past decade is a testament to the positive experience we bring to our partners, and we’re continually expanding upon our capabilities and resources to better meet the needs of those changing lives through medical technology.
Our dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) team guides projects from design to production. We utilize our state-of-the-art 36,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, specialized clean rooms, and real-time BioSimulation technology for real-time testing, iterating, and hand-on tissue experience. Our Engineers, Technicians, and Operators  have encountered and overcome challenges that only come with experience, helping us to get your device to market faster. 
We live in and understand the complexities of  FDA and ISO regulations and standards, enabling us to design and produce devices that consistently meet these requirements and minimize the risk of recalls, safety issues, and legal complications.
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Efficiency + Optimization

Since our inception in 2012, our now 120+ engineers have learned which techniques work best, which materials are most reliable, and how to streamline production for maximum efficiency. We understand the need to get medical devices to market, and how to help you get there with the right product as your milestones change. Our rapid prototyping of devices treats nearly every area of the body and whether your project is large or small, our in-house team is here to burn down risk and accelerate the process. 
Expedite your clinical studies with BioSimulation, identify obstacles and iterate, and provide evidence to move you into the next step of your project. When joining forces with Resolution Medical, you gain access to an electronic Quality Management System, real-time audit support, and a reliable team of experts here to support you every step of the way.
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Innovative Problem Solving

Experience encourages innovation and fosters problem-solving capabilities. We’re not here to merely check a box for your team; we strive to develop solutions together that will adapt to technological advancements, anticipate potential problems before they arise, and ultimately – truly change the lives for those they touch. This forward-thinking approach leads to the development of cutting-edge devices that can better serve the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with even the most complex problems. We’re ready to face it head on alongside you.
Our commitment extends far beyond our work; it resides in our dedicated team of genuine individuals who are driven by a profound passion for helping others. We pride ourselves on fostering professional, reliable, and involved collaboration, ensuring your journey with us is marked by timely assistance and a commitment to true excellence. Our experience is proven and trusted by our partners, and we’re excited to support you throughout your commercialization journey.
Pursuing the pulse of innovation through Transparancy, Authenticity & Integrity…  
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