Partnering for Success: A Look Behind the Scenes at Resolution Medical 

At Resolution Medical, our commitment to innovation and relentless pursuit of shaping a better future drive us forward every day. We’re dedicated to improving patient outcomes through groundbreaking advancements in medical technology. Our team makes this vision a reality. 
In this insightful Medical Alley video, you’ll meet some of the talented individuals who are driving innovation at Resolution Medical. They’ll share firsthand how we bring our experience and unique skillsets to the table to enable client success at different milestones.
At Resolution Medical, we specialize in contract design and manufacturing, focusing heavily on developing high-tech, complex products. From neuromodulation to cardiology, electrophysiology, and beyond, our expertise spans a wide range of catheters and active implantables. We have a unique approach to product development and manufacturing support, and whether you’re a visionary physician with groundbreaking ideas or a global OEM, we’re here to turn concepts into realities. 
Our structure is unconventional compared to other medical device manufacturers. We prioritize development, manufacturing, and BioSimulation labs, where we test medical devices and drive innovation forward. Simulating real-world scenarios can mitigate risks, enabling faster and clinically relevant development.
Collaboration and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. Our nimble team, comprised of experts in clinical development and engineering, ensures that we deliver the highest level of expertise to every project. 
A cornerstone of our philosophy is being a true extension of your team. Our authentic culture fosters hands-on attention and personal guidance throughout every stage of development.  
At Resolution Medical, we do more than develop solutions; we enhance ideas, anticipate obstacles, and handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what is ahead. From design conception through manufacturing optimization, expect expert guidance and realistic visions for timelines, budgets, and expectations. With over 125 engineers boasting over 1,000 years of collective experience, our teams deliver unparalleled speed and manufacturing expertise. 
Our rapid prototyping, vertical integration, exceptional testing models, and comprehensive device manufacturing enable us to pivot fast, accelerating timelines without compromising quality – expect estimates in days and contracts within weeks. From complex structural heart delivery systems to long-term implantables, our unique skill sets and vertical integration make us the full product lifecycle partner of choice. 
So, come meet our team, see our facility, and embark on your journey to innovation with us.
At Resolution Medical, we’re not just shaping the future of healthcare – we’re redefining it with you.